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“I have worked in this field for quite a long time, being a labourer before starting my own apprenticeship two years ago. During this time, I have completed my Occupational Health and Safety qualification and began my project management course.

I have always gravitated towards carpentry because I enjoy not only working with my hands but being involved in the planning and management side of building.

For me the best part of the job is being able to create something that I am proud of and see our clients happy with the final product. I find NDB is a company that allows you to personally know and understand the desires of each client therefore making it possible for us to strive for the overall and complete vision that each client holds”


“My passion at a young age to work with timber and to be creative is what drove me to want to be a chippy and it’s the same passion that still drives me today.

I love building/creating something that didn’t exist before and then being able to stand back and appreciate the job you’ve done. It’s also really great to produce a new space/home for clients who have saved long and hard and you get to be the one who puts their dream/concept into a reality.

I’ve been in the game for 16 years, spending the last 6 as a leading hand/ site supervisor or project manager. I’m a very versatile tradesman with competent skills in most trades.”


“I recently joined carpentry after finishing high school and I can truly say it is the perfect career path for me. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and watching a project take shape and develop over time with the assistance of hard work and attention to detail. The favourite thing about the job for me is the ability to have a job where every day you are working on a different aspect of a project. I have plans to continue my apprenticeship with NDB and continue furthering my carpentry knowledge”


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